It’s not the most likely combination to help reverse Alzheimer’s like symptoms, but two compounds found in green tea and carrots has been shown to work in a mouse study.

The compounds were EGCG’s (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) from green tea and ferulic acid found in carrots.

Alzheimers progression is characterised by amyloid beta forming, clogging up the brain. The author found that supplementing the mice with these compounds returned the mice predisposed to Alzheimer’s like symptoms to the same as their normal counterparts within 3 months.

The dose was equivalent to 2g per day each of EGCG’s and Ferulic acid, for an average adult. Anyone considering this approach should proceed with caution, as mouse studies don’t always translate to humans and high levels of EGCG’s can cause liver problems.

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