Can Omega 3 improve your thinking?

A study (with link below) has shown that higher levels of circulatory Omega 3 are associated with higher executive function, visual memory scores and abstract thinking.

The red blood cell (RBC) level of Omega 3 was related to better cognitive performance in a study of 1575 subjects. Subjects with existing signs of dementia were excluded. The study also showed that those with higher RBC Omega 3 had greater brain volume.

The authors suggest that the findings are related to both the cardiovascular effects of omega 3, and more direct protective effects on the brain at a cellular level.

Ketoactive Mind delivers a high level of Omega 3 DHA and EPA in the form of a pleasant-tasting emulsion which is readily absorbed by the body.

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Tired? MCT’s can help feed your brain

When you’re tired, do you snack on fast carbohydrates for mental alertness?

Including 20-30g of MCTs in your diet per day could provide a more constant supply of Brain Fuel in the form of Ketones according to recent research.

Ketones are normally thought of as emergency fuel for the brain and other essential organs during starvation or when on high fat low carbohydrate diets. Recent breakthroughs suggest that ketones are more of a super fuel than an emergency fuel AND that by changing the composition of fats in the diet it is possible to generate this super fuel without severe carbohydrate restriction.

In a recent Canadian Study (Courchesne-Loyer et al 2012) researchers fed people 20g of MCTs for 1 week followed by 30g for a further 3 weekly by which time it was estimated Ketones were supplying nearly 10% of the brains energy requirements.

MCT’s can make a positive contribution to your normal, keto or paleo diet.

Article available here:

The use of MCT’s may become an important alternative in the treatment of obesity

“The use of MCT’s may become an important alternative in the treatment of obesity, if playing a role in a complete and balanced diet.” A. C. Rego Costa, Nutr. Hosp. vol.27 no.1 Madrid Jan.-Feb. 2012

Obesity is known to be a factor in the development of chronic degenerative diseases.

MCT’s were shown in some studies to help improve body composition and increase energy expenditure. This occurred without any obvious changes in food intake, according to a systematic review of the literature.

This review summarises a number of research articles over a 10 year period to identify the key points from the research on MCT’s and the effect on diet.

The conclusion of the study was that MCT’s have a positive effect on body composition and energy expenditure, although more research is required to understand the mechanism and effective dose.

KetoactiveEnergy provides MCT’s in an easy to take format, which you can carry with you for when you need an energy boost.

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Ketolife the beginning: Why MCT’s?

Now that the dust has settled on the business launch, I can start to reflect on where the journey began.

Mary T. Newport’s Book, “Alzheimer’s Disease: What if there was a cure?” was an inspiration, as it highlighted a specific nutritional strategy that can offer hope to many sufferers of this condition. Reading this book reinforced my own idea that research on nutrition can offer benefits to many of us, but the body of knowledge is not always shared or presented in an accessible way. Another barrier is having the nutrients we are looking for available in a form that is pleasant to eat, with no adverse effects.

Newport was frustrated with big organisations and business interests obscuring important information, and not allowing individuals to decide for themselves. Having worked for many years in a small family business, I had experienced similar frustration with complex legislation which slowed progress and did not always benefit the consumer.

In big business, only the most profitable products survive. This can mean cheaper, less effective ingredients are used, with a small dose of the more expensive ingredients. Often, a closer look shows that consuming an effective dose would mean getting through handfuls of gelatine capsules every day. At Ketolife, we are ideally placed to produce the best quality, most effective products, and we aim to constantly improve.

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