Could FGFBP3 be the link to weight loss?

It’s a mouthful but Fibroblast Growth Factor Binding protein 3 (FBFBP3) could be a key to weight loss. The clever scientist at Georgetown university believe so in their recently published paper.

BP3 modulates fat and glucose metabolism and is a key link to enhancing the endocrine FGF which controls their metabolism. By controlling the level of BP3 the scientist were able to switch the mice in the experiment to burning fat and glucose instead of storing it.

They suggested that it could be a new method for controlling metabolic syndrome which is responsible for non alcoholic fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Green Tea and Carrot compound reverse Alzheimers like symptoms in mouse study

It’s not the most likely combination to help reverse Alzheimer’s like symptoms, but two compounds found in green tea and carrots has been shown to work in a mouse study.

The compounds were EGCG’s (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) from green tea and ferulic acid found in carrots.

Alzheimers progression is characterised by amyloid beta forming, clogging up the brain. The author found that supplementing the mice with these compounds returned the mice predisposed to Alzheimer’s like symptoms to the same as their normal counterparts within 3 months.

The dose was equivalent to 2g per day each of EGCG’s and Ferulic acid, for an average adult. Anyone considering this approach should proceed with caution, as mouse studies don’t always translate to humans and high levels of EGCG’s can cause liver problems.

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A ketogenic diet can help prevent dementia

A recent study published in Nature, has demonstrated that a ketogenic diet (KD) enhanced neurovascular functions and increased beneficial gut microbiota in young healthy mice. This important research identified that the KD improved cerebral blood flow and P-glycoprotein transports across the blood brain barrier responsible for removing amyloid-beta.

The KD also increased the number beneficial gut microbiota and reduced that of pro-inflammatory ones.

In addition to these benefits the diet also reduced body weight and blood glucose whilst increasing circulatory ketones.

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A keto diet improves fatigue recovery after exhaustive exercise

Marathons and prolonged exercise are normally accompanied by muscle and organ damage. The fatigue associated with this exercise sometimes results in an inability to regularly exercise. Researchers compared a keto diet to a normal higher carbohydrate diet which were assessed for the markers of damage over an 8 week period. The results of the research were that a keto diet has the potential to be used as a fatigue preventing and recovery promoting method for endurance athletes.

As the researchers studied the effect on mice they suggested that further research on humans was appropriate, but offered the hypothesis that it would be reproducible in humans.

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Omega 3 and exercise combined amplifies improvement in cardiovascular health

Combining regular exercise and omega 3 supplementation reduces both body fat and improves cardiovascular and metabolic health. It is well known that regular exercise and consumption of omega 3 improves cardiovascular risk. Researchers have shown that combining exercise and increased consumption of omega 3 leads to greater improvements than either intervention on their own.

The study involved 75 individuals across 4 strands and resulted in the combined omega 3 and exercise group losing 1.5kg’s more weight than the exercise or omega 3 alone groups. Also the elasticity of the small arteries improvement was significant.

Fat Mass Change with Omega 3 and Exercise

Fat Mass Change with Omega 3 and Exercise


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If you are thinking of exercising for health, combine it with omega 3 for a greater improvement.

A Keto diet can enhance exercise capacity

If you are looking to improve your exercise capacity you may wish to consider a Keto diet, at least in the short term.

Study: An 8 week Ketoginic low carb, high fat diet enhances exhaustive exercise capacity in mice (Published in Nutrients, May 2018). The benefits the researchers state is from the bodies ability to improve the utilisation of fat, which is the largest pool of energy within the body. The 8 week keto dieters also dropped weight dramatically, which is a good route to improving power to weight ratio. This loss of weight was even after the participants on the Keto diet consumed more calories. An additional benefit was that even though the keto diet participants showed improved running time, there was no increase in aggravated muscle injury.

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A high fibre diet can reduce brain aging

An article published recently in Frontiers in immunology (Aug 2018) has shown a link between a high fibre diet and reduced brain ageing in mice. The mechanism was shown to be through colonic fermentation creating short chain fatty acids (SCFS’s), which were further absorbed and utilised by the brain. It has been shown from numerous research papers that increasing circulatory butyrate can have a positive effect on brain health. This latest research provides the link between the circulatory butyrate and colonic fermentation of fibre.

The figure below shows several of the mechanisms of action:

Fibre Link To Brain Health

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β-hydroxybutyrate exerts anti-aging effects in vascular cells

An article published in Molecular Cell Sept 2018 has shown that β-hydroxybutyrate (β-hb) exerts anti-aging effects in vascular cells by upregulating an hnRNP A1-induced Oct4-mediated Lamin B1 pathway.

It is well know that β-hb has a positive effect on brain tissue, but less is known about wider health benefits.

In this research the β-hb was made by the body itself through calorie restriction and direct injection of β-hb. The figure below shows the mechanism of action, where reduced senescence is reduced ageing.

β-Hydroxybutyrate Exerts Anti-Aging Effects

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Omega 3 improves bone density

A recent research article published in Frontier of immunology (Jun 2018) has shown that a diet rich in omega 3 can improve bone density under inflammatory conditions. The omega 3 works at a cellular level to reduce the inflammatory factor responsible for bone break down. It is well known that a diet high in omega 3 can help reduce inflammation, but less was known about how this effected bone density. This article confirms that omega 3 can have a positive effect on bone density.

Effect of Omega 3 on Bone Density
Effect of Omega 3 on Bone Density

The middle image shows bone break down under inflammatory condition. The right image is the same inflammatory condition, but with omega 3 supplementation.

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Fibre makes you happy :)

Well not exactly, but researchers in China have found that the amount of fibre you consume is inversely proportionate to feelings of depression. It is thought that this is a further confirmation of the gut brain axis. As there are about the same number of gut bacteria cells in the human body, as human cells, the effect of a happy gut can be significant.

The researchers analysed responses from 16807  adults aged 20 years and above. The intake of dietary fibre from cereals, vegetables and fruit fibre was compared against depressive symptoms from patient health questionnaires.

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