Omega 3 improves bone density

A recent research article published in Frontier of immunology (Jun 2018) has shown that a diet rich in omega 3 can improve bone density under inflammatory conditions. The omega 3 works at a cellular level to reduce the inflammatory factor responsible for bone break down. It is well known that a diet high in omega 3 can help reduce inflammation, but less was known about how this effected bone density. This article confirms that omega 3 can have a positive effect on bone density.

Effect of Omega 3 on Bone Density
Effect of Omega 3 on Bone Density

The middle image shows bone break down under inflammatory condition. The right image is the same inflammatory condition, but with omega 3 supplementation.

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Fibre makes you happy :)

Well not exactly, but researchers in China have found that the amount of fibre you consume is inversely proportionate to feelings of depression. It is thought that this is a further confirmation of the gut brain axis. As there are about the same number of gut bacteria cells in the human body, as human cells, the effect of a happy gut can be significant.

The researchers analysed responses from 16807  adults aged 20 years and above. The intake of dietary fibre from cereals, vegetables and fruit fibre was compared against depressive symptoms from patient health questionnaires.

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