New insight into Alzheimer disease progression

A research paper has shed new light on the complex process causing progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in the human brain. Signs of increased inflammation are linked to disturbance of the normal processes of cell protection and recovery.

The final recovery phase of inflammation is a cellular step, the process of resolution, which is facilitated by specific mediators derived from fatty acids. If this does not occur, the inflammation process is never terminated and advances unchecked, as in Alzheimer’s disease. The research has found that one important mediator, Lipoxin (LXA4), is significantly reduced in those suffering from this disease. Finding a method of elevating LXA4 may provide a route to controlling the advance of AD.

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Leafy greens help reduce cardio vascular disease

Veg avoiders beware! It appears to be true – eating your leafy greens is good for you. I remember my grandma telling me this and a recent study has provided scientific evidence.

A study on rats at risk of heart disease showed a significant reduction in risk factors when fed a diet of leafy greens. It suggests there are cardioprotective and chemopreventive advantages of consuming diets containing dark green leafy vegetables, with a consequential reduction in cardiovascular disease.

The mechanism was suggested to be a result of conservation of Omega 3 and reduction of cholesterol.

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