Orafti pure inulin powder 500g


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Orafti® Inulin from a natural source

Inulin-type fructans occur naturally in a great number of plants and vegetables; of which the chicory root is a particularly rich source.
Orafti® Inulin is extracted from this chicory root, making it of 100% vegetable origin.


Mild sweet taste Add to food or drink Can be used in baking Inulin is a soluble fibre which is great for keeping you regular!

Chicory inulin contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency and promotes digestive health.

Pack size: 500g

Nutritional benefits

Digestive health
-Improves intestinal flora

Weight management
-reduces food intake calorie count

Stronger bones
-improves calcium absorbtion

Additional information

Weight 1100 kg


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